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Staying Grounded: Wellness and Self Care Tincture

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Full Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD Extract + Premium Mediterranean Olive Oil. 


A Premium, Powerful, Sustainably Transparent Daily Tincture to promote the sensation of Whole-Body Balance

Ground yourself in a solid daily wellness routine. Herban Good’s Staying Grounded, is a full spectrum hemp derived CBD extract tincture developed to aid in your body’s natural restorative abilities. Aimed at supporting immunity, detoxification and restoration of the body’s natural state, keeping your mind Grounded promotes a feeling of calm and a serene sense of security.

What makes our Staying Grounded Wellness tincture so special is that created this for you by combining our very own full spectrum CBD hemp extract, which is organically grown in Southern Oregon, derived from proprietary cultivars and gently cured with premium organic olive oil sourced directly from the Mediterranean. These two powerful ingredients come together and form a calming effect that’s subtle on the palate, and perfect for everyday use.

Our Staying Grounded Wellness tincture is developed by the caring hands of women committed to the following standards:

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All the Goods – From Our Farm to Your Health

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How to Use

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● Consistency is key! Take our recommended to dose twice a day which allowing your mind and body to soak up all of the Staying Grounded benefits while you are getting ready for the day and as you are preparing to recover during you sleep.

● Remember to keep your tincture bottle in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

● Try to keep your dropper from directly touching your mouth in order to preserve the tincture’s potency.

● Drop oil directly under your tongue, leave it for 30-45 seconds and swallow. Or, add a few drops to your favorite drink or dish, as that works as well!

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● Technical Details of CBD

● Technical Details of Olive Oil

● Links to COA documentation

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The Herban Goods Difference

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● Our tinctures combine science-backed proprietary formulations with the power of mother nature to bring you products made from the best of both worlds.

● We grow our very own botanicals and herbs and oversee the entire production process from seed to shelf to ensure that our ingredients are not only sustainably produced, but are pure, potent, and of the highest quality available.

● We are a Certified B Corporation, meaning Herban Goods meets rigorous social sustainability and environmental performance standards.

● We thoughtfully craft every single one of our products with you in mind, knowing that when you’re thriving and healthy on the

inside, the outside follows, too.

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About our Farm